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Back from the OB!

And things are still looking ok!  I had a NST, and he did another internal.  Yesterday, I was 1.5 cm and today I am 2!!  So hopefully these cramps I am having are actually doing something! :)

My BP was up while I was there (140/86 and then 136/80).  Not too bad, but not great, either.  Slightly more swelling, especially in my ankles, and I gained one more pound.  Which makes two pounds this whole month (I am shocked!!)

Buuuut, I was sort of encouraged.  My tentative c-section date has always been 9-14.  I always wanted it on 9-9-09 because, let's face it, that's a cool date (and it's sooner! lol).  My dr. is going out of town on the 10th and coming back on the 13th, and he was telling me today that he really wants to deliver me before he leaves, but he can't legally schedule a c-section before a week before my due date for legal reasons.  So he told me "hopefully the cramps you're having are doing something and you will come in at a 4 so we can just deliver you then!".  

My next (and possibly last!!!!) appointment is next Tuesday on 9-8, and we will see if I am dilated enough for him to do my c-section the next morning!!  I can't wait!!

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