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Anyone have blurry vision with pregnancy?

A friend of mine said hers was blurry during her pregnancy.  Yesterday and today my eyes are just blurry and I can't focus well.  It's so odd.  Then of course I google it (stupid) and it says it may be hyptertension related.  Seriously?!  Not this early surely...and no history of high bp in my family.

Re: Anyone have blurry vision with pregnancy?

  • I've heard your vision can change in pregnancy, so maybe it's just that? How long does it stay blurry for? If it were me, and it lasted a while, I would have it checked out.
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  • I've just noticed it since I got home today.  Maybe I'm just tired or my eyes are tired from looking at acomputer all day.  I'll def. mention it at my appt. next week.
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  • My dr. said it was one of two things, water retention (and it can even make your contacts fit different) or when you get into 2nd tri you can suffer from low blood pressure if you sit for too long. Just mention it next visit.
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  • I had some blurry vision my last two months or so- I am assuming it was water related because that's about the same time that I started retaining a lot of water. It's gone away since. :)
  • I noticed it, at least early on. I don't know when I stopped noticing the blurry vision, but I did ask my doc about it. He said it was from increased fluid in the eye. It was a normal pregnancy side effect, I guess from increased fluids or hormones.
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  • Yes, I had this and it did go away after DD was born.  It got bad though and I thought I needed new glasses but I toughed it out.  Hopefully it's just pregnancy related and will go away.
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