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XP from PAL: Washing Baby Items

A friend of mine just told me that she washed EVERYTHING for the baby TWICE before she used it.  I'm talking everything from clothes, receiving blankets, bouncy seat covers, you name it.  She said that you're "supposed to" because of all the chemicals on them.  So my question is, did you wash everything twice?  Did you wash everything once?  What is overkill? :)
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Re: XP from PAL: Washing Baby Items

  • With DD #1, I washed her clothes, bedding, and blankies. Nothing else. Only once.  I think anyting beyond clothes, bedding and blankies is overkill. The kids gonna get exposed to all those "chemicals" at some point. Also, a special detergent is not needed. I did use dreft, but only because it smelled like baby LOL. This time, I probably won't. DD never died from any "chemicals" on anything, so.....I think what I did was sufficient.
  • I have washed all clothes, bedding, blankets, waterproof pads, changing pad covers and boppy covers once on a double rinse.  I did not wash any covers to swings, car seats, etc! 
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  • I washed everything that I could, but only 1 time.  I used the non-scented type detergent.  It turned out that my son had very sensitive skin, so it was a good thing I did.  One time I put him in something that I hadn't washed yet when he was 3 mo, and he got quite a red rash all over his face and chest.  I finally phased out the special detergent at around 8-9 mo, and he did well.  Sometimes I can get away with not washing things first now, but usually I still try to.
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  • All of the clothes, blankets, towels that I've gotten have been washed once. Will I wash them again? Who knows. Ask me as I get closer to his arrival.
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  • Ditto pp; with DS, we washed clothes, bedding and blankets/towels (only once). DH and I both have sensitive skin, so I use All Free and Clear for everyone's laundry; I always thought it was silly to wash the baby's stuff separately and with special detergent. With DD and now this baby, I did wash the cover to the swing and bouncy, but only because they had been sitting in our basement

  • PS I have really sensitive skin so I also used only free and clear laundry detergent too! 
  • We washed everything, sheets, clothes, swing/carseat covers, blankets etc. once on a double rinse. The only thing I didn't wash was the stroller cover because it needed to be unscrewed. I use the free and clear detergent on everyone's clothes anyways, so I used the one bottle of dreft we had and once it was gone just the normal detergent. I'm not planning on washing everything again but if he's allergic to the dreft like my niece was I may have to!
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