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We (kind of) met your kids today at the playarea at Alderwood. DS and I were there for a few minutes and DS wanted to play on the wall wheel thing and we were waiting for the cute little girl to finish. Your husband called Payton over by name and then I saw your son and put 2 an 2 together. I recognized them from your siggy pic and of course their names. I don't really know you and didn't want to freak your husband out by saying - "oh I know who these kids are" so I didn't say anything but thought I'd mention to you how reality met the web today. They were super cute!  DS was in a striped green and blue polo. :)



Re: *Pixel*

  • That's so funny!!  My DH would totally have been ok with you saying something though.  He knows my internet friends aren't "dirty old men" or weirdos.  hehe 

    Did you notice if either of them were wearing anything that says "I love Daddy" or "Daddy's my Hero"?  He tends to dress them in those types of clothes when they're out and about!  *rolling eyes*

    How fun.  :)

  • Oh that's funny - Payton had on a pink shirt and khaki pants - very cute! But now that you mention it Ryan had something written on his shirt but I can't remember what it was! :) He looked cute too though in his little jeans!

  • Andy said he remembers who you are.  :)  lol  He said that Payton wasn't taking turns and sharing and Carson was waiting patiently for his turn... and that he was wearing a striped blue and green rugby shirt.

    And I was right, he dressed Ryan in a tshirt that says "my daddy is my superhero" shirt and jeans.  lol

    How funny to run into each other.  :)

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