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DS turns two today!

No big birthday party this year, though, as he hates crowds and people paying too much attention to him.  We did have cupcakes at daycare, and he ate a whole one himself.  Coming in second place in cupcake consumption was a one-year old, tiny girl who just transitioned into the room.  It was so funny -- she tried to steal another boy's when she was done. 

And to make the day extra-special, Zach willingly participated in Power Tots gymnastics class, only crying for 5 mins. (as opposed to 25 last time).

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Re: DS turns two today!

  • How special. Happy Birthday little........ahem....BIG BOY!!! 
  • WooHoo for two!!!  Emerson celebrated two years yesterday!  It was a happy day for us.  We aren't having a big party either, Emerson's chemo makes it too risky to be around anyone that might be sick. 
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  • Happy birthday to him! My daughter turned 2 today as well!
    3 boys (15, 8, 6), 1 girl (4)
  • Party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!  Cake
  • Happy birthday   :):)
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