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Wow I am full of questions today :-) DH and I have been house hunting like crazy and it has taken us to Redmond and Duvall. Although further from work (in Bothell), Duvall seems really nice. Anyone live in Duvall or know anyone who does? What do you think of the area? Is it nice for a young family? Thanks for your help!

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  • I grew up in Duvall and my bff lives in Duvall. I love the small town feeling. Has great sports, parks, schools, teachers, people and activities. I would love to live back there again. The cons is when it floods or something happens on one of the roads it makes the traffic horrible to get in and out of. But that is only a few times a year for a couple of days. All in all I loved living there! There is another nestie on here that lives there. She is not on here as much anymore but I think she loves it as well. I could ask her to pipe in on this!
  • Duvall is a nice little town, and I really liked it. I disptached for their PD and their officers are really great (if you live in city limits).

    Kaskade grew up in Duvall, you could page her on the Nest Boards.


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  • My Aunt and Uncle have a place in Carnation which is just outside of Duvall and it's a nice area.  Pretty remote though. 
  • Duvall born and raised!  As a kid, I would have told you I wanted out.  Now, I want to move back.  DH works in town and my parents still live out there, so I'm there all the time.  It is a great small town, reasonably good schools for the size of the district, and much more affordable than the rest of the eastside.  It really isn't too far from everything commute-wise, and like PP said, flood days only happen a couple of times a year and it is only every few years that the valley truly gets cut off completely for a day or two. 

    I highly recommend living there.  The city is growing all the time, but still small enough that you will get to know your neighbors and your kids will grow up with lifelong friends.   

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