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Jill RE: Fence

Jill, Did you ever find someone to do your fence?  If you were happy with the work, can you pass on the info?


BIG Brother born 10/19/07 little Brother born 1/31/12

Re: Jill RE: Fence

  • We haven't had it done yet.  We're trying to figure out some other things in the yard first, plus we have to get homeowners association "approval" and we've been lazy.   But I think we're going to go with www.jeremybuilds.com - another friend of mine used him and was really happy.  He was nice, very responsive, and his prices were good.   So I need to get that going.   :)
  • Thanks, I'll race you if that will help.  We can see who can have their fence done first. 
    BIG Brother born 10/19/07 little Brother born 1/31/12
  • :)

     I've gotten so lazy b/c Ben just doesn't seem to leave the yard.  I just know that next summer I will definitely want it done since I'll have a 6 month old too.... But tihs is a good reminder to get us on track!

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