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Recent Cravings

I have not been feeling very well the last couple of days, which has made my food cravings interesting. Last night I had my husband go to the store for me b/c all I could think about was garlic bread smothered in marinara sauce. It was amazing! Also, I have been craving Subway - but since lunch meats are a no-no, I've been eating the Veggie Delites like they are going out of style. Hoping these are okay... anyone else eat the Subway Veggie Sub?

Anyone have interesting cravings?

Re: Recent Cravings

  • Hey:)...yes...I am right there with you on weird cravings.  I cannot get enough of macaroni and cheese. (I am not a huge pasta fan either..before I was pregnant I hadn't had mac and cheese for years!)  I haven't been feeling well either this past week, and nothing seems to help unless I get my macaroni and cheese kick.  It's weird.  The garlic bread and marinara sauce sounds delicious! I haven't gone to Subway yet for a veggie delight, but I have gone to the Pita Pit...YUM!! 
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  • I picked up KFC last night for dinner, since I dreamed about mashed potatoes and gravy, figured it was a sign I should eat it.

  • I cannot eat enough mashed potatoes and gravy. I've also really been wanting burritos. the gross bean and cheese ones from taco bell... yumm. i might have to get one. or make some.
  • Comfort food, mac and cheese, garlic bread the other week (it's the butter and salt!), fried potatoes in any form (was all I could eat for a few weeks) and popsicles.  I also eat Trader Joe's black bean dip and chips like they are going out of style.
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