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Is this normal?

I had my baby shower in Portland this weekend (lots of fun!), and there was a 6 week baby boy there.  Of course I had to get me some baby love, but as soon as I held him I kind of froze up and got really panicked.  My mom even noticed and came over to start to take the baby away, but I knew I had to get over it.  I'm usually pretty comfortable holding babies, but I think holding this little guy just made it way too real.  I almost started crying, thinking "Am I not ready for this?"

Please tell me you had mini freak outs before your first child was born, that way I don't feel so alone =)

Re: Is this normal?

  • I still had freak outs after she was born - it's completely normal!!!!

  • Very Normal! You will be an amazing momma! I still have moments where I am like I am not ready for this. It goes with everystage the the kids go through. I took a picture of Kiah this weekend (in my blog) and I was thinking as I look at it that I am so not ready for her to like boys, go to high school, all that jazz. I know she is only 7 but jeesh! She looks so big in that picture! Then I told her to go read her Bible! Haha!
  • At around the same week mark as you, I was shopping at Target. Every baby in Issaquah must have been there at the same time. One started crying, and then they all sarted crying. I dropped my basket and put my face in my palms and started crying in the middle of the store. DH came and found me bawling. I asked him, "why are we doing this, I am not ready for this yet."

    He consoled me and got me the heck out of Target! Totally normal.

    The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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  • image massagegirly:
    told her go read her Bible! Haha!

    LOVE this!


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