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BF'ing update

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with my last BF'ing woes post. I wanted to give an update. I decided just to keep going with my slow weaning/partial weaning process and it has been working well. I haven't had any clogged ducts and now think those were related to an oversupply. I've cut back to one pumping at work and no pumping in the evening after my 5-6 pm nursing. I am now keeping up with DD and may have to supplement a little from my freezer stash for her evening bottle, but that's it. I am much more comfortable and am happy about the progress. My quality of life is tremendously improved! In the next few weeks I may try cutting out pumping at work and supplementing during the day with the freezer stash and slowly introducing formula.

So, for those of you with plugged duct problems, maybe cutting back and just keeping up with demand might be a solution for you as well? I'm a new woman!

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Re: BF'ing update

  • that's great! thanks for the update
  • So glad to hear things are going better for you!
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  • Glad to hear it's working out! 
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