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Working moms: ?s

I have 2 weeks from today and I start work. I just wanted to see how others do some things.

1. Do you have to get LO up before they naturally wake up? How do you do it? Bailey wakes up between 6-7am to eat then goes back down. Right now he wakes up again around 9am. Once I start work, I need him at daycare by 830-845am so I need him up by 815am since Suzuki is only like 5 minutes from our house. I hate waking him b/c he'll usually scream at me which isn't fun.

2. For bottles, do you use your freezer stash or fresh pumped from the day before? I have like 500oz in the freezer but some of it will hit its 3 month mark in October. I was thinking I'd do 2 bottles from the freezer stash then one bottle that I pumped the day before. I'd get daycare to feed him the freezer bottles first then if he does'nt need the 3rd one I'd freeze it that night.

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Re: Working moms: ?s

  • I think that you'll naturally figure out what works best for you/your baby, but what I usually did was when she woke up I'd give her a bottle and try to get out of the house before she went back down for a morning nap.  So you can either try pushing that nap back a little later or try to get him to sleep a little later or, depending on what time you get up (I'm not a morning person but you might be...) you could wake him earlier, say 5:30 for his bottle and then see if he's up from his morning nap by 8:00 so you can head out.  I also took her to daycare in whatever outfit she slept in when she was still a small baby.  It was cool out anyway so I just put a footed onesie on her after a bath and it was one less thing for me to have to worry about in the mornings.
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  • 1.  Generally we let P sleep until she wakes unless we need to get a move on.  Don't worry, B will adjust to the new schedule.  You might miss those 9 AM mornings on the weekend though.

    2.  For frozen BM, its usually best to use the oldest first.  I think you would be OK giving one fresh bottle per day.  I think no matter what I did the frozen milk was always stinky but OK to serve.  Just so you don't freak out when you defrost it. 

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  • In terms of the waking--each of my kids is totally different.

    Alec is a grouch in the morning and he needs to be woken up earlier--meaning I can't just wake him up and feed him and put him in the car.  He needs time to wake up and cuddle with us.

    Aerin--she's an early bird and is smiling from the minute she wakes up.

    Don't worry, he will adjust to your schedule.

  • Doodle was NEVER a late sleeper, so she always got me up. Darren on the other hand could sleep til 9 everyday if I let him.  He usually wakes up around 5 or 5:30 and I nurse him and put him back down to deal with Doodle (i know you dont' have a 2nd to deal with...yet ;-)  )  Around 7:30ish i go get him up and dressed/changed for school. I usually nurse him one side before we leave and try to get in the car by 8:00, 8:15 at the latest. 

    Darren has never drank a bottle of Frozen BM.  Kudo's for you for pumping such a supply.  I think your thinking is good, 2 frozen bottles and one fresh.  I currently am pumping daily for the next day, it's not fun. 

  • A few weeks before I returned to work, I started waking DS every morning at 7am - the time I knew I'd need to get him up when I went back to work.  He quickly fell into the routine and adjusted his schedule.  Good luck!

  • Within 2 weeks, Gavin adjusted to the schedule and was waking on his own.  I always BF first thing (usually for my own comfort!).  Then of course, we have an hour long commute, so he usually fell asleep again in his carseat.  Still does.  For the first couple of weeks you will just have to feel it out and see how it goes.  I was amazed at how well he adjusted to the schedule and really seemed to thrive on it.  Really, even now he seems lost if he goes more than 2-3 days without that routine.






  • 1.  Elizabeth is an early riser, so getting her up and going is usually not a problem -- she's up naturally between 6 and 7 anyway.  If she isn't awake by the time I need her to get going, I just go in and start puttering around in there and she gets up.  I've only once had to wake her up by touching her.

    She adjusted to my work schedule easily; before I went back to work, she'd sleep till 8 or 9.  The nice thing about her adjustment to an earlier waking time was that she had an earlier bedtime.

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