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free adult/child/infant CPR class

I'm in a playgroup and one of the moms organized a CPR class for us, as one of the moms recently had a near-fatal choking incident with her daughter and while talking about it, we realized not all of us would know what to do.  They organized a CPR class, taught by the wonderful people at Harper's Embrace Lifesaver Program.  It was free and I feel so much better now that I can handle these types of things. 

The woman asked us to mention the organization to others, so I thought I'd make all of you aware of it.   You can go to a class in the area already scheduled, or if you have a group of 5 or more willing to do it, you can have them come to you.  Their website has a schedule or you can call them at 804-4357. 

It's free, and takes maybe two hours of your time.  But if you don't know how to perform CPR, or haven't had a refresher course in five or more years, it really is worth it!

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Re: free adult/child/infant CPR class

  • Thanks for sharing this! I meant to do a refresher course before Josh was born and intentions, right?

    Would any other SA moms like to get together to do this?

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