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trigger tonight!

This cycle went really fast.  It seems like during my first IVF time really stood still.  Tonight at 7:30 I take the HCG shot, the retrieval is set for Tuesday AM.   Estrogen is 2800 and I have have 7 measurable follicles.  The biggest is 18.    Im nervous.

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  • Good luck.. I'll be thinking about you Tuesday morning.  You'll do great!! :)
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  • Amazing...time went quickly while TTC?  I didn't realize that was possible.

    But seriously, good luck!! I hope the get several mature eggs and this gets you your BFP. 

  • That WAS fast!  I wish you the best of luck for Tuesday - hope your follicles have great mature eggs!  Keep us posted!
  • Good luck! I hope that your follies give you fantastic eggs!

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  • Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck!!!
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  • Best of luck!  I'm praying this is it for you and your DH.
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  • GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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  • Good luck!!!!!
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  • Yay, everything sounds good, so excited for you Mrsk!
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    Good luck, Mrs K. I've got everything crossed for you!
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  • Good luck! 
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  • Wishing you lots of luck!!!!
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  • Good luck MrsKario!!!

  • Good Luck Mrs. K.  I'm sending you lots of BIG FAT FOLLIE vibes for Tuesday.

    Keep us posted!

  • Hey, that estradiol number is great!  Good luck!

    If you don't mind my asking, how was the protocol this time different from last?  I'm hoping for a much improved response on IVF #2 also.  (Sorry if you already posted it!)

  • GOOD LUCK!!!
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