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Do I NEED a double stroller?

DS #1 is not a stroller baby at all. He hates the stroller. DS #2 is most likely going to be worn more than strolled because I like to have freehands and less cargo to manage.

Do you find that you need a double stroller a lot? Am I living in a fantasy land that involves me running around target after DS 1 with DS 2 strapped to my chest and a cart full of stuff I'm about to buy? 

Re: Do I NEED a double stroller?

  • My two were 21 months apart and I put off purchasing a double stroller for four months.  Once I broke down and finally bought one, I regretted the delay b/c it just seemed like the stroller was awesome and made my life easier. 

    DD #1 hates to be confined and won't stand for a regular stroller, but she really loves our Joovy Ultralight Caboose because she can either stand or sit - her choice.  I like the stroller because it's no larger than a regular one and I can very easily unload it from our SUV with one hand and using my shoulder.  It has great cupholders, a basket, a detachable feeding tray, a removable canopy, and can be used with an infant carseat.

    Initially DD #2 was in her baby bucket but now of course she can sit regularly.  I use the stroller even if DD #1 is at school and it's just my younger daughter and me.  I can't say enough good things about this stroller.

    I think you can probably do Target without a stroller for a while, but eventually you'll need a better way to walk or shop with both kids.  Just my two cents.


  • thanks! where did you buy that stroller? I know NOTHING about double baby items
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  • I bought it at boutiquey baby store in the Houston area, but you can probably get a better deal online.  Albee Baby sells them and their price looks good:

    I think the blue one would be super cute with two little boys, but basic black works too.  I have the orange one.  It really is a good looking stroller.


  • sorry to be a PITA, but what kind of carseat is your LO in? Is this thing compatible with all infant carseats?
  • At the time, she was in a Graco Snugride carseat.  I believe it's supposed to be compatible with most infant carseats.  I would imagine you could call Joovy and double-check the specific compatibility, just to be sure.


  • imageKKMMex:

    My two were 21 months apart and I put off purchasing a double stroller for four months.  Once I broke down and finally bought one, I regretted the delay b/c it just seemed like the stroller was awesome and made my life easier. 

    Ditto this!  Even if my kids weren't in the stroller 100% of the time, it was nice to have the option available.  My kids get heavy fast and hard to carry in a sling for long outings.  I do love our sit n stand, wish I'd just gotten that to begin with.  

  • I wore DS #2 a lot in the beginning but we really really use our sit and stand a lot now that he's older.  It gives the older one the chance to get down when he wants to without my help but it also gives me a safe way to get them thru parking lots and around large places like the zoo without having the older one get too worn out.

    I'm a big fan of "wait and see".

    It's not like you have to make this decision now.

    And FWIW - I've never used a stroller at a store like Target.  When I've needed to I've worn the baby and put the older toddler in the seat and when the baby got too big to wear comfortably I have from time to time put the younger in the seat and the older INSIDE the actual cart.



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  • We go through really harsh winters so for me carrying the baby in a sling is not an option. S/he needs to stay in a carseat plus I really like the option of having the double stroller even if my older chooses to walk. it's nice to have them confined when needed.

    We got the Joovy Ergo Caboose sit'n'stand and I love it... have been using it as a single already.

    I got it in a local store but here's a listing... also in my opinion, the seat covers are a must:

    Here's a video review of the stroller (it takes the majority of carseats):

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  • My kids are 16 months apart and I have (so far) only used the double once... I wear DS alot and use our single for Rylee...
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  • My girls are 21 months and we did not use the double stroller much.  We got it from my sister but I doubt I would have paid for one.  I often wore #2 and had #1 in the shopping cart or DH and I were together.  As soon as I could, we started using the umbrella strollers with both or I used my single stroller with #2 and #1 walked.
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  • No. You definitely don't need one especially given the situation you described.  Mine were 21 months apart and I bought the double stroller.  I think I used it a total of 3 times ever.  It was much easier to wear the baby and push the toddler if need be.  And by the time the baby was ready for the umbrella stroller and too big to be worn my toddler really wanted to walk anyway.  I don't plan on using the double stroller at all this time around. 
  • Yes, I found that I need it.  Two specific scenarios.....

    1.  Try changing a kicking, pissed off toddler in a mall bathroom with an infant strapped to your chest.  It's not easy.  It's even more difficult if you also have to pee and have nowhere to put the baby that's strapped to your chest and nobody else to hold that baby.  I guess you could maneuver enough to pee with the baby strapped to you.  I haven't mastered that, yet, and I also haven't mastered changing my oldest with a baby between us while she thrashes and kicks. 

    2.  Pediatrician appointments where I have to hold the older one.  Can't do it with the baby strapped to my chest - especially during shots.  Someone could get hurt.

    DD2 is 18lbs now.  Do I really want no other option other than doing every single activity with 18lbs strapped to my chest, side, or back?  No.  DD1 obviously walks, but we tread that fine line between keeping her with me and holding her hand so tightly I worry about breaking it because she's struggling to get away from me to go play with that dog across the street.

    I never, ever used my single stroller when I just had DD1.  Now, I can't go anywhere without my stroller. 

    It could also be that I'd been pregnant for almost 3yrs straight and I'm kind of tired of having something protruding from the front of me.  :-)   


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