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Yuck - I have pneumonia!

Past few days I've had a nasty cold, but I thought I was pretty much over it so I worked a shift last night. Got 2 hrs of sleep and then got up with LL since DH had to leave for work this morning. I had a couple bad coughing fits and decided to break out my trusty stethoscope and heard the unmistakeable sound of pneumonia in my right lung. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my parents to come over from Athens to watch Lauren so I could go to urgent care. The doc listened to my lungs and thought I sounded clear (I naively hoped it had resolved in the 2 hrs I spent in the waiting room). Luckily she believed me and sent me for a chest x-ray which indicated pneumonia. I've never had pneumonia before so I'm really anxious now. Taking antibiotics and trying to rest. My parents are amazing and they cooked me dinner and are watching LL for me. I am so blessed to have them!
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