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I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than...

...eating toast with jam that was handmade by a beloved friend.

I say this, because today's breakfast was slathered with Jenni's strawberry jam.  I swear, it feels like I just ate a hug.  

Best thing ever.  

Re: I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than...

  • "I swear, it feels like I just ate a hug."

    Too cute for words, I love this!

    Mother's Day, 2011
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  • my DH always says my?sandwiches?are the best b/c they are made with love. ?not sure if he's buttering me up to make him lunch more often, but it works. ?and it's true. ?food made by a loved one always tastes better ?:)

    and homemade strawberry jam sounds yummy. ?my mom used to make it. ?she'd put a huge glob of?paraffin?(so EF!) on top. when we opened a jar we would put the paraffin in this old coffee can for next seasons canning. rambling here...but it's always such a happy memory thinking about that can of paraffin. ?(weird i know). but i know my mom made jam with love...

    btw- are you canners doing paraffin? or do you have a vaccuum saver? or is there something new?????

  • The most current method of processing is done using the two-part metal lid/ring method. 

    I LOVE memories like what you just shared, diesel.  

  • I just teared up reading this.

    I pph you too :)

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