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Pregnant after 35

Michael Alexander is here!! My birth story...

Finally feel like I can get my head above water...what a surreal and wonderful experience the last 5 days have been!!

Here is my birth story:

After going past my 40 week mark, I had an induction scheduled for last Sunday (8/23)--so, I was induced at 40 wks 3 days...here is a summary of the day's events:

9:00 am: started on Pitocin drip.

10:00 am: Dr. arrives and breaks my water (I was only 1.5 cm dilated at the time and 50% effaced.) Within about 15 minutes, my contractions were coming very regularly at 3 minutes apart and getting progressively stronger.

1:30 pm: Contractions were getting very hard to breathe through. They were spaced about every 2 minutes...having in my head that my induction would take all day, I was reluctant to go for the epidural at this point.

3:00 pm: Nurse checks in on me and asked me if I wanted the epi...I said, yes please!! Within 5 min anesthesiologist was in my room and administering the epidural. Within 10-15 min I experienced utter relief! It was awesome! I rested comfortably...

5:15 pm: Nurse checks for dilation to see when to call Dr. back. She started to describe what changes I would see when it gets close to pushing time--such as shivering--not 15 seconds after she mentions that, my leg starts to tremble and my teeth start chattering. She checks and I am 10 cm!!! Wow!! Much faster than expected...calls in Dr. and we get ready to push!

5:40 pm: Start to push. After about 10 minutes, Dr. says cord is wrapped around the baby's neck (yikes!), so she asks me to push really hard for the next few pushes in quick succession. Two more pushes and Michael is born. Dr. frees cord around the neck without incident and we avoid an emergency cesearen (although, she did give me an episiotomy to help give him some room--that was very ouchy in the few days after birth!).  He was 8 lbs, 2 ozs and 21" long.

It was such an amazing feeling when they placed him on my belly and I could see him for the first time. I haven't been able to keep my eyes off of him since that moment. He is just perfect and me and my husband are so in love with the little guy.

If I can figure out the whole PIP thing, I'll post some pics later..of course I think he is the most beautiful thing ever, but I am also seriously biased! ;-)

Good luck to everyone who is getting close to their due dates. All I can say is that is is all so worth it in the end!! Hang in there!!

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