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how anti-climactic! (post-baby body vent)

I am now officially a 1/2 pound under my pre-pregnancy weight, which I thought would be so great, but (like everyone said) my body is just different. My favorite jeans technically fit, meaning I CAN zip and button them, but the 360 degree muffin top that blubbers out of the top makes them unwearable. Also, my arms are just plain chunky looking and I'm SO afraid they'll never go back to being slim and toned. I have the same body type as my mom and (granted she's 62 now) but she has always had kind of thick upper arms and I really, really don't want that. Boooooooo....

Re: how anti-climactic! (post-baby body vent)

  • You are preaching to the choir! I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and none of my work pants button even though I am the same weight. Waaahhh.
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  • At least you didn't eat for 6, like I did. I gained a whopping 55. I am now almost 6 mo PP and still have 35 (no, not a typo) pounds to lose. I have learned my lesson! I know we're all supposed to think of those muffin tops as a badge of honor, but looking at my stomach makes me want to barf. Plus I have the lovely lower belly pooch that comes with a C-section.

    Think we could get a group rate on tummy tucks?

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  • You know, I think I'd opt for a boob lift over a tummy tuck.  Not that I don't suffer from muffin top and fat under belly.  But I can see a time in the far off future that I'll be able to get those issues under control (we're talking years from now).  But the boobs....there is no help in sight for these puppies.  I don't mean to slam them.  They have done their duty nursing two babies.  I wish there was a minor surgical procedure that could just hitch them up. A little snip and crank by each arm pit.  I think there is such a thing as a breast lift - but that it is extremely painful and involves lots of cutting.  So that's out.  Karen
  • Your in god company.  Same thing here.  I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight and nothing really fits well.  I think my hips are broader and the 3 cup sizes larger my boobs are guarantees that none of my shirts fit.  I am hopeful that since I was 15 lbs over my fighting weight when I got pregnant that one day I may be back in most of my clothing.. <sigh> 
  • Here's my pep talk to fellow post-pregnancy moms regarding clothing and how your body has changed:

    It's just a mentality.  Adjust your expectations.  Try new styles of clothing.  Clothes that are cut differently than the clothes you wore pre-pregnancy may now look fabulous.  My whole style changed after having DD #1 - I just wear different clothes now.  It is a good excuse to go out and buy some new stuff - and maybe I watch too much What Not To Wear, but try on stuff that you NEVER would have tried on before.  You may be pleasantly surprised!


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