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Question Regarding STD Elimination Period

At my company, I am eligible for 8 weeks of STD at 60% pay because I had a cesarean. My company has a 1 week elimination period in which I was required to use sick leave before the STD kicks in.

My HR department told me that after I use the one week of sick time for the elimination period at full pay that I only get 7 weeks of STD at 60%. To me it seems like I should get 8 weeks of STD at 60% after the elimination period because during the elimination period, I was using my own accrued sick leave. I asked them for the name of our STD company and for the benefit paperwork but they said that HR handles everything and they would not give me the information.

Did your company start counting your weeks of STD after your elimination period or did your elimination period count as part of your STD time? Just wondering if they may be giving me incorrect information or not. TIA.

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Re: Question Regarding STD Elimination Period

  • My company did the same thing, it seems so wrong - it's not REALLY 8 weeks if I have to use 1 week sick/vacation time.
  • Yeah, they're right, and it sucks.  I didn't have a c-section, so my six weeks of STD was really 5 weeks plus burning a week of earned PTO.  At least my STD is 100% paid.


  • Okay, thanks you all. I totally do not think that is fair but I guess we have to live with it. I just wanted to double check if it worked the same way for others.

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  • Yes, I was flabbergasted when I found out our 6-week STD period included the 2-week elimination period. Why not call it a 4-week benefit, then?
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  • Fairfax County -- you get 6 weeks at 100% HOWEVER,

    you have a 20 day elimination period.... then the rest is picked up by STD...

    Nice, huh??

  • Yep. That's unfortunately how it works. I found that out when I had DD.
  • My elimination period counted as part of my STD time.  So it ended up being paid at 60% for 5 weeks, with a
  • That's how mine was explained to me as well.  :(

    Really does not seem right.  I have to use so much of my vacation time for the length of time I want to stay home.

  • I DO NOT understand why they would not give you the information you requested regarding the company and STD benefits. Whether they are correct in the way the handle leave or not, that information should be readily available should you ask for it. Not only would it cover their own a**es for you to have a copy, but its information regarding your job, and benefits. I would look into that if I were you.
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  • That's how it was for me, HOWEVER I found out that under our STD policy, being really pregnant (for lack of a better phrase) counted as a disability.  So, starting at 38 weeks, you could claim STD and get through your waiting period that way, so that you actually did collect all 8 weeks of disability pay.   I know it's too late for you :-( but I'm posting this in case anyone else sees it.  It's worth asking about (and they only tell you if you ask). 
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