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Auntie...ASD moms...

I am trying to help a friend of a friend b/c their daughter (5th grade) is having issues and they think she has possible Aspergers. They have seen a Psychiatrist and the only suggestion they have had so far is meds. I don't know the nitty gritty yet, but I am planning to respond with some helpful resources and then ask questions. 

Since I am not informed on that age (whats that? 10 -11?) do you have any resources that I might not know about that would be helpful for a family who need to SEEK diagnosis,  gain more info, and ultimately advocate for services? My first thought was to get a referral to a Devel. Pedi in their area and recommend that? Who is the go-to at this age for testing/diagnosis? We're still talking NC - but VERY RURAL NC.

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