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Ugh do I tell him???

As you guys know Gary is undergoing chemo so we've been trying VERY hard to keep sick people away from him. This morning when Mikey got up he felt a little warm but he was acting fine and quite frankly I totally forgot to just give him some tylenol just in case it was a fever. Bad bad bad mommy move! Well we acted fine when I dropped him off in daycare. One of his teachers just called to tell me he has a low grade fever right now. Once it reaches 100 they'll have to send him home. And I completely understand that. They said he's fussy too so I'm hoping he's not sick and that this is totally because of his last two molars that are taking FOREVER to come in. I just don't know if I should tell Gary that Mikey is running a low grade fever because quite frankly he'll freak out. God forbid you sneeze in the house because he thinks you have a cold when it could just be a sneeze and nothing more. So I just don't know what to do. Obviously if daycare calls me to pick up Mikey then Gary will have to find out why because he'll wonder why both of us are home WAY earlier than expected.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you fess up now knowing he might freak out? Or keep quite until you HAVE to fess up?

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  • i would personally tell him (he's bound to know) but just keep them away from each other. if the fever is related to teething than i don't really think it's a cold per se...try to do some activites with mikey in your backyard and have gary hang out in your room. this must suck for sorry.
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  • Sam you know Gary the most and you would be the best judge to know if he should know or not.

    In my case my mom only told my dad exactly what he needed to know, if it was going to concern him she wouldn't even bother. She never told him my sister was sick for two days because he would have freaked, she just didn't go visit him and we told him she had a lot of work to do.

    If you think he would freak out if you told him about Mikey maybe you should wait and see what the daycare tells you and then go from there.

    HTH! ((hugs))

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  • I think I would wait and see. 

    It's not going to change anything if you tell him now or later.

    Other than he might worry less, right?

    Stress isn't good for the immune system. 


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  • I had no choice but to tell him because right after I posted daycare called me back to tell me Mikey had a 101 fever. Needless to say Gary reacted just as expected. Hope this is nothing.
  • Awww =( I hope Mikey's fever goes away quickly and that it turns out to be nothing.
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  • I'm so sorry your little one isn't feeling well - hopefully it's just the pesky molars causing it!
  • I hope and pray it's teething!  Keep us updated.
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  • Aww I hope Mikey feels better soon!! I suppose Gary should wear a mask just in case and definitely steer clear of Mikey.
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