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***CocoJack**** Siesta Key/Lido Beach questions...

I have a few more restaurant questions based on this.  I think you answered a few of them in the other post, but here goes.... ignore duplicates. 


Family friendly for my 16 month old-


And we are not looking for national chains like Bonefish Grille- local restaurants that have 1 or 2 around is fine or that have a few here or there in another state- but as long as they are not 100's of chains(picky I know) :-)




Fresh Seafood-( I am not sure if Sarasota is known for this, so please let me know) Shrimp, Lobster etc. I just want tasty- FRESH seafood




Pizza- not your normal Pizza Hut/Dominos type- something funky and eclectic




Bakeries-The best there is




El Bravo Restaurant- is it all the hype?




Anything else that is a must visit- we like all types of food from all parts of the world and are interested in just a nice mix of funky and modern bistros- cafe- type of earthy/organic/ contemporary type of food.




Thank you soooo much!!!

Re: ***CocoJack**** Siesta Key/Lido Beach questions...

  • The restaurants I posted previously, are ALL family friendly... remember, we travel with my niece and nephew.  =)

    El Bravo - never heard of it.

    Pizza - There is an Italian restaurant in Downtown Siesta Key (there is only one I think) that has decent pizza, and other dishes too.

    Bakeries - Not sure of any.... but the British (Cafe Continental) place has great scones that you can prob just pick up and take home, assuming that is what you were referring to.

    Seafood - Phillipie Creek has great seafood!  It is right on the water.

    -- Jackie
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  • I really appreciate you time.  THANK YOU!
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