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Movin on up..To November!

So DW and I had decided that Jan. 2010 was a good month to start TTC. I have some weight to loose ( 8 pounds-currently lost 7.5!) and I felt like my cycle was wacky. 

 Well yesterday we had our follow up apt with our RE to review my test results and decide on a plan of action. He said that he doesn't see why we should wait and we can start right away...WHAT! I told DW im scared and nervous. I think it may be because this whole time I have been telling my self " Jan is so far away I dont really have to think about this yet" but now TTC is right around the corner and im scared (excited but scared)! Any words of advise or any one else ever been in my situation?  

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Re: Movin on up..To November!

  • We went the other way (planned to start in 2008 and ended up starting in 2009), so I definitely haven't been in your situation. All I can say is that you should start when YOU are ready to start. Just because you *can* start earlier doesn't mean that is necessarily best for you and DW.

    You'll have some time between now and November to assess whether or not that is the right start date for you. If it is, I would think you'd get less anxious as it gets closer, if not, then you might get more anxious. Hopefully it will become clear to you what you should do.

    For me, I don't think I'd want to try to ttc around the holidays. So much of ttc is about careful timing, and I'd hate for my schedule or my Dr's schedule to interfere with ideal timing.

    In any case, congrats on being ready to start if you want to! That is great!! Yes

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  • Ditto TWB - only start when you and DW are ready.

    My only other advice is try to relax, laugh, and roll with it.  You could be lucky and only have a one month journey or you could have long path with emotional and physical ups and downs.  If you know that you could go either way I think things are a bit easier.  But that's just my opinion.  As hard as it was I really tired to look at the whole thing as a 6-12 month plan.  We were lucky and got our sticky BFP on the 3rd try but having the long term mindset upfront really helped me.  This is just my personal experience and I'm sure there are others here who would contradict everything I say.  Which goes to show you'll just figure out what feels right for you.


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  • I totally agree with PP.  It's great that you've got the go ahead to start! Hooray!  Definitely try to put that out of your mind for a moment, though, and think of whether you really feel ready and want to start.  It can feel a little scary to take the plunge no matter how "ready" you are (there is no bigger commitment than having a child!), but if you know in your heart that it's time - that fear won't be enough to hold you back.  If your fear is giving you serious second thoughts, you may want to think about waiting a little longer.

    Also, I whole-heartedly second what Two said about being mentally prepared for either a short or long process.  TTC can be very stressful, but the attitude you have about it can make a big difference.  Reminding yourself in advance (as I've done daily!) that it could take a while, and that's okay, can help you feel relaxed.

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  • I cant say how much I appreciate all of the words of wisdom from you all. In the very beginning i began thinking of the TTC journey in years, not months. 
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