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XP: BOB users - carseat bar?

Yesterday I got a great deal on the Bob Revolution I had been coveting (see post below about my uncharacteristic luck). I did buy the adapter for the carseat as DD is only 10 weeks old tomorrow. I'm messing around with the strolller this morning in preparation to put the carseat bar on. I realize that the seat in the Bob actually reclines quite far. Am I nuts to think that I could use the infant head cushion from the carseat in the stroller (DD outgrew it's use in the carseat) and not install the carseat bar?

Also, if you are a runner, at what age did you feel that LO could safely go for a run with you?

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Re: XP: BOB users - carseat bar?

  • I have a BOB revolution.  The website states: "We recommend that your child should be at least 8 weeks old before riding in a BOB stroller. Please note that babies incapable of holding their head up must have additional head and neck support to ride safely and comfortably. For jogging or off-road stroller use, children should be at least 8 months old."

    I didn't use the BOB when my DD was a baby.  I had a Bugaboo Frog but she outgrew it and we got the BOB.  I love it but not sure it's great for a baby unless you use the carseat adapter.

  • I have a BOB Ironman and the car seat adapter. I installed it and will use it for walks in the neighborhood instead of my Snap N Go, but won't run with her in it until she is a little older. I go on my runs without her for now - DH or our Au Pair is looking after her in the meantime. I feel she is too unstable to have her rocked so much at this time...I would also not feel comfortable without the car seat adapter, but of course Sarah is 7 weeks younger than your LO.
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