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Does your LO make grunting & groaning noises when they are pooping? Seems like mine does every time she poops. Sounds like she is constipated, but how can you be constipated when your poop comes out runny? Is this gas?
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Re: pooping/gas

  • DD does the same thing.  I have no clue how it can be so hard to push out such liquidy poo, but it happens pretty much every time, so I am guessing it is normal.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • Yes, DS does this.  It's hilarious really.  His face also turns really red and most of the time his poop is soft.  Pretty normal.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

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  • OMG - DD gets soooooo upset when she poops. They are sometimes a bit more solid now because of the formula we supplement with so maybe that's part of our problem. I find it hysterical and I can laugh about it only because I know that poop is coming out one way or another!

    I read somewhere that pooping is actually hard to learn how to do - it's a highly coordinated activity. You have to relax one thing and push with another. I imagine for them it can be like pushing against a closed door - very frustrating!

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  • Yup, it is common with most babies.  If they are constipated, they tend to do the same thing but also get red in the face and sometimes cry too.
  • DS grunts a little, but mostly scrunches up his face when he needs to poo, pee or fart.
  • My first DD did when she was an infant (and does now as a potty trained toddler - though it's a little more embarrassing coming from a toddler!).  My DD #2 doesn't - she just stares off into space, like she's trying to figure out the mysteries of life.  Which is almost as entertaining as grunting.
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  • Yes, and I wish I could decifer between the noises I can help her with versus the ones she can soothe herself.
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