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F/U on Bachelorette Weekend at Dewey

Last weekend, I went to Dewey Beach for two nights for a bachelorette weekend. I have to admit that it was a little harder than I had anticipated to leave DD and DH for two nights. When I first got there, I felt a wave of sadness and wondered if I had made the wrong decision by going. But after a night out including a few beers and playing flip cup (my favorite drinking game in college), I was feeling a bit better. The whole weekend I missed them dearly and called in regularly to check in to see how things were going. DH handled things beautifully and did a great job taking care of DD. I ended up having a really great time but by Sunday, I could not wait to get home and see them.

So, here?s my analysis of the weekend away:

(1)   It was great to go out to crazy bars with lots of singles and realize that I am so happy to be married to a wonderful husband and to have a baby. I don?t miss my single days one bit. A great Saturday night to me is making dinner at home and watching a movie with DH, DD and the dog.

(2)   I think distance does make the heart grow fonder. It was good to be away so DH and I can appreciate each other more. And, it also reminded me how precious every moment with my baby is.

(3)   DH is more self-sufficient. On Wednesday, I wasn?t feeling well and needed a nap. He took DD to the grocery store on his own (which I don?t think he would?ve done before).

(4)   We all need balance in our lives. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that I?m not only a mom ? I am also a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and an individual. So, I'm glad that I made the decision to do something for myself because I hope to strike a balance throughout motherhood.


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Re: F/U on Bachelorette Weekend at Dewey

  • Fantastic! I'm so glad you had fun. What a good attitude you have about the whole thing. I'll have to remember those words of wisdom.

    I wholly agree with your point of making sure DH has plenty of time alone with the baby. It really helps confidence of both parents and evens out the work load! Plus, it is great daddy-baby bonding time.

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  • flip cup makes everything betterBig Smile

    Glad it all worked out- esp. DH being more comfortable with DD. I'm working on giving my DH time alone with DS. I think you hit it right on the head that we all need balance.

  • that's great!

    your # 4 is one of several reasons I choose not to be a SAHM

    we go away for a week (just DH and I) and I really hope I don't go crazy missing DD

  • If there was a thumbs up button, I'd push it a million times! 
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  • This is a great post, Kendra! I heartily concur with what you said and am glad that you were able to enjoy your weekend away.  The perspective you have is one I hope to continue to have once DD gets here.
  • yay!  I totally needed to read this, as I am stressing about being away 3 days over Labor Day weekend.  Thanks - Karen
  • well said, Kendra (as usual!)

    I'm so glad you had a good time...Sarah said she had a blast, I can't wait to see incriminating pictures!

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