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Would you give this to a teacher?

My son has been dx with Apraxia of speech. I found this on the Apraxia Kids wedsite. Thought it was interesting, but would you actually give it to a teacher? My DS has a pretty well written IEP. I wonder how a teacher might feel recieving this?


Re: Would you give this to a teacher?

  • I wouldnt give that exact letter but maybe something in your own words describing Apraxia and what the teacher can do to help....maybe some literature for the teacher on the disability also.

    hope that helps, im a special ed. teacher Smile

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    If my child was in a fully mainstream setting, I would. I would hesitate to share it with an SLP or a teacher who has had specific training around apraxia unless your child's presentation is unusual for the dx.

    Any IEP for a child with a condition like apraxia should include both teacher education around the condition and ongoing itinerant support. DS's IEP has always included AS education for all teachers (including folks who teach specials and nurses) and itinerant support for issues that may arise. DS's IEP, in high school, still includes itinerant support for his teachers.

    I have an AS word doc that I send out to parents as an introduction for Aspergers that can be tweaked to reflect how their child presents in school.

    His IEP has consultation time set aside for the classroom teacher to speak with the SLP regarding therapy, but we are dealing with a new teacher, a new to us SLP, and a new building. He is his 2nd year of pre-k. We will have the opportunity to meet her before the first day of school. I think I'll ask how educated she is about the disorder and give her the letter as a brief introduction to the disorder.

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  • I? have something similar about celiac disease for my DD's teachers.? We've decided not to get a 504 yet and she's not great at explaining everything yet so the letter is one of the ways we communicate DD's needs to her teacher.
  • I think writing up something that combines the ApraxiaKids letter with information specifically tailored to your DS (like Auntie described) sounds like a great idea.  In my experiences, knowledge of apraxia/what it is/what it isn't can be very hit and miss among teachers (even special ed teachers),  so making sure your DS's teacher has good, solid information on apraxia and how it affects your DS is a fantastic idea.  Even if his teacher does know a lot about apraxia, giving her the letter detailing his specific strengths/areas of difficulty, etc will hopefully help you all start the school year on the right foot :)
  • I am a teacher (music). I would be absolutely, positively, beyond thrilled to receive a letter like that one (specific to your child, of course). I always love when parents send a bit of information, it really helps us out. Make sure all of the teachers get one too, if they have "specials" during the day. Music/art/PE teachers always get left out of that loop.

    I received a whole booklet on teaching children who are Jehovah's Witness a few years ago. It was extremely helpful and made me less apprehensive to call home since they were already opening communication. It is just nice to have some information that can help teaching the child , and AS isn't the most common of diagnoses, so many teachers might not have heard of it. I had TWO kids with Tourette's in my second year of teaching. Nobody bothered to tell me until the end of the year. One just had a blinking tick, the other often had outbursts, but not the way most people think Tourettes goes.

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