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FL Keys hospital

My DH an I are trying to plan a vacation and are thinking of going to Key west.  My OB did not seem keen on this stating she did not believe there was a hospital with L and D there she suggested Key Largo or an upper Key.  Does anyone have the names of hospitals in the Florida Keys with a Labor and Delivery department.  I tried looking online without much luck.
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Re: FL Keys hospital

  • I think there are only two hospitals in the keys - Mariners Hospital and Fishermans Hospital neither one has a L&D.  Mothers have given birth at these facilities but must be transferred out immediately.  The closest hospital is Homestead Hospital (45-60 minutes north of Mariners) and they do have L&D. 

  • I'm not sure if this hospital has an L&D, but there's one on Stock Island (just outside of Key West right next to the community college). It's called Lower Keys Medical Center/Florida Keys Memorial Hospital.

    If not, Fisherman's Hospital is in Marathon and it's about an hour away from Key West. My husband had his surgery at Fisherman's while we were stationed/living there and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

    HTH :)

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  • thanks for the info :)
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