I'm wanting to donate my breastmilk.

  I was adopted as an infant. I never had any breastmilk. I was sick a lot as a baby. I am currently breastfeeding my son but right now I am making a little more than twice what he needs. I have a couple hundrend ounces in my freezer and my stash is growing. Since I was blessed with an over abundance of milk I would really like to give another adopted child the oppertunity for breastmilk. I am listed on the fourms on a milk matching site as mrs_mackey. I would like to go through the site to donate but it's free to use the site. An earlier post was talking about adoptive moms who want to give there baby breastmilk so I thought I was just throw out there that I have breastmilk I want to give.
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Re: I'm wanting to donate my breastmilk.

  • Congrats on your new son! He's beautiful. I'm sure some little ones will benefit from your gift. It was kind of you to let the women here know.
  • How incredibly kind of you :)
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  • That's really kind of you and don't get me wrong, but my adopted son was on formula, and I think he is just as healthy as any other baby.  He's 27 months and only been to the doctor for an illness about 4 times.  I know that breast milk is the first choice for most, but formula is a great second option.
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  • What a kind and generous offer!  Thanks for letting everyone here know.

    And please, feel free to stick around and post.  Most of us are adoptive mothers here, and we are always looking for other people touched by adoption to share their perspectives.

  • How awesome!!! I breastfed my 3 bio sons, I am hoping I can possibly breastfeed our adopted child when the time comes, but if not I am really going to look into that site!!
  • As someone who works in the medical industry, I urge everyone to obtain breastmilk through regulated milk banks only. Breastmilk can contain infectious diseases and medications. PLEASE don't put your child at risk by using grey market breastmilk. I don't want to be preachy, but I can't help myself here.

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