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1st OB Appt Today

We had our first OB appointment this morning. We were there 2 hours! I expected a long appointment but not that long.  It was rather frustrating as I had meetings to get to.

Anyway we got to see the little blob on the u/s again. He/she is so cute now! I can't believe how much it has grown in a week.  We could clearly see the little arm and leg buds and it's heart was beating 176 bpm.  The nurse said everything was perfect for how far along I am and we got another picture of the little one.

Of course I had another internal exam and pap and now I'm bleeding a bit.  I know this is totally normally but I still don't like it.

I'm not sure we like the doctor we saw either.  She was okay and everyone was friendly.  I think I might just have really high standards since our REs office was AMAZING.  I miss them already :-(

NT scan is in 3 weeks and I can't wait to see the little blob again!! I'm in love! Smile



Re: 1st OB Appt Today

  • Sorry to hear about the bleeding and so-so dr, but how awesome that you saw some little blob growth! Must be so amazing!Big Smile

  • Sorry about the bleeding but so happy your little blob is doing well!
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  • Yay for the blob!!!  Big Smile
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  • That is awesome that you got to see your little one again!! Yay! And yay for a good strong heartbeat!! It's neat that you got to see the arm and leg buds-- we still haven't seen that level of detail on an u/s.

    I definitely know what you mean about having high standards based on the RE's office. I left our OB appt this morning very disappointed (in part because they wouldn't do an u/s and we were really hoping for one to ease our minds about the bleeding), and Sylvia spent the better part of our lunch hour reminding me that we are just spoiled by the awesome RE/RE's office. Do you think you're going to look around at other OBs, or stick with this one you have?

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  • Yay blob!!!  :-) 

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  • imagethiswillbe:

    Do you think you're going to look around at other OBs, or stick with this one you have?

    I'm going to at least have my NT scan there in 3 weeks.  The practice I'm going to is highly recommended in the area.  And they are a very large practice so perhaps I need to realize now there will probably be long wait times. If after a 2nd or 3rd appt I'm still not happy I'll check out another practice. 

     Sorry you couldn't get another u/s today.  But just think about how big and beautiful they will be the next time you see them - it'll be amazing!


  • Glad everything is looking good. Make sure you like your OB... you have a very long journey with them and you will see them more often than some of your friends and family. I actually switched when I got pg and I am so happy I did.


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  • Yay for a great appointment...I'm glad your little "blob" is doing well :)

    Even though it's nothing, I hope the spotting stops soon so you can stop worrying. 

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