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Talk to me about EXTREME thirst.....

I am 6dp5dt, and I have had extreme thirst since 4dp5dt. I mean this is the thirst that just never goes away!!!!!! I have been drinking sooooooo much water, and I can't get rid of it. I have heard it is a pg symptom, and I have looked everywhere and cannot find it as a progesterone symptom (I am on Endometrin).

So, my first question.....who had extreme thirst as an early pg symptom? And, my second question, is there anything besides just water to drink to help quench it? Unfortunately, water hasn't been tasting as good to me in the last couple days - wouldn't you know!

I have had a few other symptoms (really sore bbs, lingering headaches, nausea, stretching/pulling in lower abdomen) that all started around 4dp5dt, but I know those can be progesterone related too.

Thanks for your help girls! I hope to be joining you all soon :)


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Re: Talk to me about EXTREME thirst.....

  • Hey!  I don't remember having that but I just emailed you two min ago!  :) 

     thinking of you!!! 

  • I don't have any experience with pg symptoms b/c I had none...Wishing you tons of luck.  Things sound good!!!!
  • I hope this is it for you!! 

    My RE had me drink a ton of Gatorade after my transfer.  It helps keep OHSS away and gives you lots of electrolytes. 

    Best of luck!!

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  • I don't remember being extremely thirsty (but I'm always thirsty anyway), but just wanted to add my good luck thoughts!

    I really, really hope this is it for you!!

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  • Me!!  My first pregnancy signs were the extreme thirst and sore bb's.  If you're having an aversion to plain water, I found that some of the unsweetened flavored water worked.  I liked Twist Naturals in Pomegranate Blueberry.  GL, I think these are all good signs!!! :)
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  • My extreme thirst and weird taste in my mouth is what prompted me to POAS at 8dp 3dt. ?I lived on Sonic strawberry slushes for the first few months. ?Best of luck to you!!! Are you going to test? We are all anxious over here for you!
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  • I had no symptoms so I am not much help, but I just want you to know that I have everything crossed for you!  Can't wait to see you over here! :)
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  • I don't remember having extreme thirst before finding out I was pregnant, but I do know that for the first trimester and most of the second, I was always extremely thirsty.  I still drink a ton of water, but the thirst isn't as bad as before.  I hope this is a good sign for you!!  Good luck!
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  • image LVBlvd:
    My extreme thirst and weird taste in my mouth is what prompted me to POAS at 8dp 3dt.  I lived on Sonic strawberry slushes for the first few months.  Best of luck to you!!! Are you going to test? We are all anxious over here for you!

    Thanks! That is good to know......I have had a weird taste in my mouth (yesterday)........

    I am not testing early - my DH is totally anti-POAS, so I'll be waiting my time out. Otherwise, I'd probably be testing everyday. Hahaha!


    Success with PCOS and uterine deficiency

    IVF #3 - FET in August 2009 at CCRM - BFP!!!!!!!

    Beta #1 (8/26/09 at 9dp5dt): 144, Beta #2 (8/28/09 at 11dp5dt): 315


  • I just wanted to say good luck as well!!!
  • egjballerina - Thanks for the suggestion on Pomegranate Blueberry - I'll pick some up at the store today.

    marcuej - This is a FET, so I don't have any OHSS risk this time - thankfully! :)

    Thanks for your good wishes girls!!! I really do hope this is our time, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high until I see a positive beta!!!!

    Thanks again!

    Success with PCOS and uterine deficiency

    IVF #3 - FET in August 2009 at CCRM - BFP!!!!!!!

    Beta #1 (8/26/09 at 9dp5dt): 144, Beta #2 (8/28/09 at 11dp5dt): 315


  • I have been incredibly thirsty throughout this whole pregnancy. I didn't think much of at the beginning, but it was always there. Hoping this is a good sign for you!

    I would add lemon or mix a tad of fruit juice to it. That would help a lot.

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  • I had extreme thirst during my 2WW. It was the first time I expierenced it but I didn't think much of it since I was on Clomid and Ovidrel for the first time and chalked it up as side effects. Looks like it was truly a symptom because I got a BFP! Also my bb's felt heavy, not exactly sore but like each breast was holding onto a weight.
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  • OMG! Im so excited!!!  A few days before my BFP's I always notice this, to the point that I count on it as much as as an HPT. Its so noticeable - no matter how much water you drink you still feel completely parched. LETS HOPE THIS IS IT!
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  • I was really thirsty!!  And crabby as all get out.  I hope this is it for you!
  • My first symptom this time was heartburn at 4dp5dt.  The nausea started up at 5 weeks.  I was drinking 4 liters of water a day, so I never really felt thirsty.

    When are you going to POAS?  I am convinced you are having twins!

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  • I didn't have that until later in my pregnancy, so I can't be of too much help.  I did have success quenching my thirst with gatorade mixed with water...

    Your symptoms sound very promising!!!  Good luck!!!

  • I didn't really have symptoms, so I can't be of much help.  But...I wanted to say that I can't wait until you are over here either.  Good luck this week!
  • I didn't have extreme thirst but certain foods tasted REALLY odd right before my beta. I hope these are good signs for you!




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  • that was my ONLY symptom!


    I have a good feeling!!!!! 

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    My baby is growing up! <3

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  • Hey Jenny!  Some of the herbal teas are fine during pregnancy.  You might try peppermint.  Sometimes sparkling water is a nice switch from plain water as well - maybe even mix a little juice in.

    I hope to see you around these parts a lot more :)


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  • squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! how exciting :) i think it is definitely a PG symptom - I was really thirsty too - not quite as bad as it sounds you are but definitely more than my normal self.  the twinges you're feeling sound promising too!! can't wait until your beta day!! :)
  • That was the very first thing I noticed that was different my BFP cycle. I was SO thirsty..nothing, and I mean nothing, would quench my thirst. Try adding lemon to your water if you don't like the taste of it. Good luck to you!!!! I hope this is it :)
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  • Me!  Big time!  Although I have to admit it didn't sink in that it was a symptom until after I got my beta back.  But yeah - definitely thirsty prior to that beta, couldn't get enough.  And I did NOT have that with my two BFN cycles.  Crossing my fingers for you!
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  • This all sounds very positive!!  BEST BEST BEST of luck!!!!!!!

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  • With this pg and my last pg, I suspected I was pg b/c of the extreme thirst. I've spent many cycles on progesterone and was never thirsty. It seems to be a symptom of pg and nothing else for me! Squeezing a lemon into the water has helped. I also drank gatorade and ate popsicles. GL!!!
  • Ummm... psycho thirst was my first symptom with Dylan (along with psycho peeing but I attributed that to all the water I was chugging)

    Me thinks you're knocked up girl!



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  • I had a very exteme thirst early on. I had it throughout my pregnancy. I would wake up at night just because I was so thirsty.  My first symptoms were cramping/pulling, thirst, and a sudden aversion to my MIL's nacho cheese dip that I love. Sounds very promising. I hope this is it for you. I don't know if I can wait that long!!!
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  • I already told you it was my biggest symptom:) GOOD LUCK!!!

    I got my positive at 6dp5dt:) I'm just saying. Tell Piotr to take a trip somewhere:)

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  • Hey Jenny.  I too have been extremely thirsty my whole pregnancy.  I chalked that and the other symptoms (sore breasts, fatigue, twinges etc) up to the Endometrin.  But what you're experiencing sounds just like what I had with our BFP cycle.  Good luck! 
  • I was super thirsty before my bfp! When I tired of water I drank Ginger ale, lemonade, and grape Gatorade. Hope this is it for you!!

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  • Hmmmm... sounds promising!!  I had written down the following for how I was feeling!!

    Symptoms = sore bb's (hard and heavy), insomnia, weird taste in mouth, very thirsty and hungry

    Good luck!!

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  • I think on at least one of my BFPs I had extreme thirst!!! It all sounds really good to me!!!!!!
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  • I was extremely thirsty from day 1, and it's continued throughout the whole pregnancy so far.

    Good luck to you!!! 

  • I had about 2 days during my 2ww where I couldn't get enough to drink! ?Thirst was definitely one of my earliest symptoms. ?I hope this is it for you!! ?

    If it's not tasting so good, try adding some fresh-squeezed lemon or lime. ?That always helps me... adds a little flavor without the extra calories.

    Good luck!!?

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  • I just wanted to say good luck!!  Maybe try adding some lemon to your water!!
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  • I also had extreme thirst during my 2ww. I had an IUI on a Tuesday and by Friday or Saturday I was drinking water non-stop. It was as if I was thirsty again before I'd even finished my last sip. Had to keep a water bottle my the bed so I could drink throughout the night. 

    Never considered that the clomid or progesterone would be the cause. hmmm...

    Got my BFP on cd13.


    Good Luck! 

    siggy should be here!
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