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Induced (Cytotec), 12 hr labor, 3 pushes!

I was three days overdue and had a Dr appt. and it was Wednesday. The Dr said he scheduled my induction for that Friday/Saturday. When I was first admitted Fri, I was maybe .5 cm dilated. After arriving at the appt we waited a few hours before my first dose of Cytotec (this is a tablet that is given inter-vaginally to induce dilation prior to Pitocin). My contractions started pretty soon after this dose, although they were minor and not painful. I was to be given the first dose at midnight, second dose at 4 AM etc until I was 3 cm, then I was supposed to be given Pitocin.

It was about 3 or 4 in the morning when the contractions started becoming more painful and were two min apart, but I could still manage them. I was irritated that my husband was sleeping soundly next to me in a fold-out bed and contemplated waking him but I knew he would need the rest or else we would both be wiped out the next day.

At 7 in the morning I woke my husband by calling my mom to ask that she come to the hospital and would put down the phone during the contractions because I could no longer talk through them.

After that phone call, time pretty much was not a focus anymore. I just kept my eyes closed actually and only opened them long enough to ask for things like chapstick, ice, and pain relief. Three hours after calling them, my parents arrived. I was in too much pain to converse and could only get through my contractions by moaning "oooo-ooch." My nurse kept reminding me to use the breathing techniques I learned in the childbirth class and my husband asked me to focus on him and breathe with him but I couldn't. I did a quick "who-who-hee" and went back to "oooouch." I never ended up needing Pitocin because my contractions were taking off as they should and were a steady 1-2 min apart. I ended up getting Demerol because of the seemingly continual pain. I felt better for 1 (maybe) 2 contractions per dose and when I exhausted all doses I asked for the epidural.

My contractions were becoming so painful that I was in the "I don't think I can take this mindset." My mom was saying things like, "you are doing good and the baby's heart rate is great; good job honey; keep going!" It was not helpful to hear and I kindly asked her not to talk to me. I finally got the epi about an hour after requesting it and felt like a new woman. I felt so good after being in so much pain! I was complete just 45 min later. I still felt contractions (though very tolerable) and a lot of pressure. When the Dr said I could push, it just just three pushes and a small episiotomy before Genevieve Alyssa was born! 7 lbs 9 oz 20.5 inches long and she was beautiful!

Recovering from the episiotmy took about 8 days (half of which were spent in bed). It was painful to sit (anywhere) and to go to the bathroom for the first two weeks. Otherwise, things were pretty easy, including breastfeeding (after the blisters healed).

Re: Induced (Cytotec), 12 hr labor, 3 pushes!

  • She is the loveliest! Congratulations!

    Reading your story is like hearing my best friend tell me when she had her kids. She is a big talker till she is in labor then not so much.

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