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NBR: Slipcovered Sofa & Loveseat

Do any of you have slipcovered furniture. If so, and if it is machine washable... how often do you wash it. Ours are Baldwin brand khaki twill... I have washed them 2 times since Feb. and want to wash them again but DH freaks out everytime thinking they will fade/shrink.

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  • We actually have this sofa and loveseat:


    It's the Baldwin collection from Aurhaus.  Is that what you have?  We've had them for about two years now and I've washed the covers probably 6 or 7 times (even spilled red wine on the large one once; it came out!)  They have held up pretty well in the wash, but the zipper on one cushion cover ripped a few months ago.  That has been the only issue so far.  I follow the instructions and dry them on low for a few minutes at a time, and then put them back on the cushions when they are still damp.  That has helped.  I love that we can have white furniture with a dog and baby.  :)

  • Thanks! Yes, that is the sofa and loveseat that we have. We love them. I wanted them specifically so that I could wash them - we have 2 dogs and of course now DD.

    I ended up washing them and they look just fine... no shrinkage and fading yet. The great thing is that in 3 or more years if they do start to look bad we can order new covers. Several places carry Baldwin furniture collections other that Arhaus. It is a pretty classic furniture dealer so hopefully it will always be around. :)

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  • We have Ikea loveseats with slipcovers.  I wash them monthly and haven't had any problems with fading or shrinking.  Last time I threw them in the dryer, I forgot to put it on the delicate cycle and they still didn't shrink.
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