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xp: breaking news re: prop 8 challenge

some breaking news re: the prop 8 challenge in california... *already posted on SSH, but thought I'd update here as well*

the judge denied motions to intervene by ACLU/Lambda/NCLR in the case but has allowed the city of sf to intervene on our behalf because it brings a government interest on our behalf.

also, the trial date is set for january 11th (i'm trying to find a source for this other than twitter...). this is good news for us, the sooner they get to it the sooner we'll have a ruling. the pro-prop 8 lawyers wanted arguments to start in july, olson and boies wanted them to start in december of this year.

also, an interesting article from the NYT this morning about olson if anyone is interested besides me. because i'm a huge dork.

 ETA: link to verify the trial date.

Re: xp: breaking news re: prop 8 challenge

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