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natural birth v. traditional hospital birth

Hey :)  Not sure if this is the right forum..

Although I'm not doing a homebirth, I can be attended to by a midwife in a hospital by my insurance. Although I have many other reasons for wanting a natural birth experience, I don't like the idea of intervention and I don't want to be denied the experience of all the bonding hormones that my brain will naturally produce (assuming the pregnancy and labor go well--of course our safety.)

I can find stories about women going from hospital to natural birth who loved natural birth, or people that have only done natural birth and love it, and people that think natural birth will be terrible but have never done it themselves.  I'd like to hear from women who have gone back from natural birth to hospital birth because they didn't like the home birth (not because they had to for medical reasons.)

I'd just like to hear positive and negative opinions from all sides--well, from people who have experienced both, not just heard about it from other people.

I wish had a natural birth forum.  Seems like a like it could have as many participants as any of the other groups :)

Re: natural birth v. traditional hospital birth

  • maybe try asking on the 0-6 months board
  • During the labor when I was in transistion for 6 hours and pushed for 4 hours, I definitely had fleeting thoughts that I was crazy and belonged in a hospital where I could get drugs...and lots of them.  But honestly, having my son at home was the most amazing thing I have ever done and I can't imagine doing it any other way in the future (unless I medically needed to of course).  I would be interested to know if there was anyone who did a homebirth for #1 and chose hospital birth for #2 because they didn't like it.  I know LOTS of women who have had homebirths and not a one would do it any other way in the future (even the ones who ended up in the hospital postpartum for some complications).  Good luck to you!
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