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Q's about luteal phase defect

I am pretty sure that i never had this when I ovulated on my own - I never spotted or cramped before AF, just on the first day when AF showed. On the one clomid cycle where I did not get pg, i was on progesterone (not for lpd but because my progesterone dipped after i got pg) and it took 4 days after stopping the progesterone to get AF (17 dpo). And i was only taking 1 endometrin a day...

with the last femara cycle, I took 2 endometrin and 2 prometrium a day, but got crampy by 11dpo and had a little spotting on 12 dpo (I didn't take 2 doses of the progesterone on cd 11 because I tested bfn, but later thought better of it and took it again). AF showed up 14dpo even though I had only been off progesterone for about 12-24 hours.

This month again at 11dpo I was pretty crampy and had a backache (even though I am taking 2 endometrin and 2 prometrium a day) - both the cramps and backache come and go....is it possible to have lpd on femara but not clomid or on your own?

Also - do you only have luteal phase defect if you start bleeding early (11 dpo or earlier) or is early cramping/backache at 11 dpo also considered lpd even if you don't bleed?

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Re: Q's about luteal phase defect

  • I'm so sorry your body is not behaving like it should. My LP is usually 10 or 11 days, and although it's short, the RE said it doesn't mean it's a LPD. On Clomid I had a 12 or 13 day LP. On Gonal F I started spotting at 10dpiui and got AF 11dpiui. This cycle I will take progesterone to try to hold off AF, but my RE has never been particularly concerned about the length of my LP. I hope your doctor can figure it out. GL!
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  • if this cycle is a bfn, I am going to consult with my RE...(I usually see fellows for all the scans/bloodwork etc.)....I am just getting so frustrated...we got pg easily with twins on a THIN clomid lining - our first try.....this is my 3rd medicated cycle since the m/c, the 4th ovulatory one when timing should have been good if not perfect...DH is superman and his SA was even better than last year...my ute and tubes are fine according to the SHG and HSG...plus I've busted a$$ to work off 30 pounds...if anything I should be healthier and in better shape...i'm now back to the weight around which I first got my period and when I used to get one every month...i just don't get why medicated cycles where I ovulate, we bd in time, I'm on progesterone etc are not working....i mean, if I ovulate on femara and my lining is ok etc. then why would moving to injectibles be any better?

    i got so lucky last time and this time around I just feel doomed....i hate this...

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  • wish that i had some knowledgeable answers for you...i just wanted to sympathize...my LP is crazy too..and while clomid is supposed to lengthen it, i still started spotting 6dpo...we are trying progesterone this time to lengthen it..hoping that it works and the embie has time to snuggle right in :) 
  • I hate that you are going through all this.  My LP is only 7 days and this is my first cycle of clomid.  It doesn't appear to be helping me yet.  Hope  your doctor can give you some answers.
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  • Your luteal phase is measured as the number of days from ovulation until the end of your cycle.  Your cycle is over when you have a day of full red flow.  Cramping, bloating, or any other symptoms do not count as the end of your cycle.  A luteal phase must be at least 10 days to support a pregnancy.

    Your luteal phase should have been measured or known prior to taking all of these fertility medications.  Each hormone medication can affect your luteal phase differently, so you can't really diagnose LPD when you're complicating things with all of these drugs.

  • ok then - i suspect my luteal phase is 13-14 days - at least when i ovulated and cycled on my own that is what it was - and when I had an unmedicated O cycle back in march, it was 14 days on the dot (a little cramping and spotting 13dpo)....

    it was difficult to measure my luteal phase because once I started ttc, my periods were not regular and I wasn't O'ing...

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