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Good price on Pampers Swaddlers?

What are the best prices you've found per diaper for Pampers Swaddlers?  BRU has a coupon for $7 off a jumbo box if you also buy a box of wipes.  It works out to be about $35 for a box of 216 Size 1.  It works out to be about $0.16 per diaper.  The box of wipes is about $5.   Is that a pretty decent price?  I'm tempted to stock up on more.  TIA!

Re: Good price on Pampers Swaddlers?

  • I've found even with the coupon, Target has a better price on them.  We used the coupon and then realized this.
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  • I still think that with a manufacturers coupon that they send out all the time (its usually $3.00 off any box) its cheaper at BJ'S or Costco.

    Also, I hesitate stocking up because my DD was allergic to Pampers and we had to go buy Huggies. She couldnt even wear Luvs. :(

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  • I also don't recommend stocking up.  In addition to not knowing what size your little one will be in, not all diapers will fit your LO well.  We had major leak issues with Huggies, less with Pampers, none with Luvs.  Other people have had completely different experiences.  So much will depend on how your baby is proportioned.

  • I found the best deal on - free shipping and no sales tax.
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  • I wouldn't buy diapers from BRU --  too expensive there.

    Target usually has the best deal on Swaddlers.  Especially if you get coupons in the mail on top of their prices.

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