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Graco Travel Lite vs. Pack N Play

Hello again new moms.  I hope you don't mind all these questions from us moms-to-be but I'd love some opinions from people who have experience!  On paper I feel like the Travel Lite crib is a good choice for us as opposed to a Pack N Play.  We have been given a crib as well as a bassinet (for the 2nd floor) so the Travel Lite would be for the first floor (napping, especially if I need a c/s) or travel and eventually daycare.  I don't really see myself using it (or a pack n play) for changing (we have a big bench right in the living room that I think would be good with a changing pad..).  Also, my husband's family lives in Ireland and my parents live in Florida so we will probably need it for a lot of travel.  I feel like the smaller size/lighter weight will be a lifesaver.  On the other hand everyone always goes with the pack n play so I almost feel weird not getting one...any thoughts?  Thanks so much!
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Re: Graco Travel Lite vs. Pack N Play

  • We received the Nouvelle PNP- its one of the ones that doesn't have quite the bells and whistles to it. We love it.

    Here's a thought.....

    The Travel Lite does not have a mobile. The PNP's do. No mobiles actually fit the PNP/Travel Lites other than the ones that come with the product. (I looked around). While its not battery operated, and a PITA to keep winding, DD loves it.

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  • The Travel Lite will be really nice for travel.  If you plan on using it for a while as his bed, then you might want the full size PNP.  We have one with a mobile, changing table, and bassinet.  We don't use the mobile or the changing table.  If we have to change him in it we use the bassinet portion...just as easy.  The mobile has to be wound up, it's not pleasant on the ears (it's like a music box), and it only plays for a minute or two.  DS isn't even a fan of it....he'd rather listen to his Soothe & Glow Seahorse ($10) that plays for 5 minutes...and even then we have to keep turning it on.

    But yeah, get what you think you will use....not what is the norm.  I could live without the PNP if it wasn't for him being in our room these first couple months.  I could definitely live without the extras.  The PNP I consider to be pretty big, so if you want something for travel, especially on a flight...get the Lite.

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  • We gave the Graco Travel Lite and it's perfect for our needs.  Unfortunately DS doesn't sleep in it yet, but he eventually will and it will be great for travel.  We live in a one-story condo so there is no need for a huge PnP, it would just take up too much space.  DS generally naps in his swing or carseat anyway. 
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