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Ryann's water birth

I usually just lurk on here but am pretty proud of my birth story.  It is a little late but here it is.  

I was due on May 10th with our first child, on May 11th I had an appointment with my midwife.  She stripped my membranes and said there was a lot of pressure on my water.  On May 13th, I worked all day and just felt exhausted.  I got home from work and laid down for about an hour.  At around 6:30 I ate dinner and started having a sharp pain in my stomach.  I never had any braxton hicks so I had no idea it was actually a contraction.  At 7:30 p.m.  The ?stomach pains? were coming about every 5 to 6 minutes lasting about 30 seconds.  I was starting to think this was labor.  At exactly 8:30 I had a strong contraction and squated down to deal with it and my water broke.  I freaked out and called the doctor right away.  They told me they would call the midwife on call and give me a call back.  When they called back they said I could either come in or wait it out at home.  As soon as my water broke I was having strong contractions every 5 minutes lasting a minute.  We started timing them and after 20 minutes they were coming every 4 minutes and lasting 1:15.

At 9:30 we headed to the hospital.  I got in gown and they checked me in.  At 10:00 I was at 7cm.  I could hardly even lay in the bed at this point.  The only way I was dealing with the contractions at home was to sway while holding onto a door handle.  Around 10:45 they asked if I wanted to get into the tub and I said yes (the water birth had been my plan but was not going to be set on it if I felt I needed and epi).  As I was getting in the tub I puked and felt much better.  The water was amazing.  I was just breathing through every contraction and did not speak or open my eyes from the time I got to the hospital until she was born.  Not because I am into that kinda of thing, but breathing was the only thing I could focus on.    At 11:45 I asked for something, I was at 8cm, so they gave me something that they said would take the edge off for about 20 minutes.  It helped me relax in between contractions which gave me energy to push.  At 12:45 I was ready to push.  By the time I was ready to push the contractions were coming about every 9 minutes.  At 1:30 I asked how much longer it would be and they said the harder you push the faster she will come.  So I decided I am done and I want this baby out.  I pushed so hard the next time my midwife reached in the water like the baby was coming out but then I had to stop.  I knew the baby was coming on the next one so I pushed as hard as I could and she came out all at once.  There was no stopping once the head was out, I kept pushing and she was born all at once at 1:47 A.M.

I asked what sex the baby was and they told me to look, I held her up and said a boy (that is what I thought I was having, but we didn?t know the sex), everyone in the room looked at me and said ?no, it?s a girl.?   I felt kinda stupid but with the umbilical cord and being so tired, I didn?t know.  So we had our little girl Ryann Elizabeth weighing exactly 8 pounds and 21 inches.  I held her for about fifteen minutes in the water and she cried and was so beautiful!  I could not have asked for a better delivery.  6 hours total, 5 after my water broke and my birth plan was perfect, although I did not expect it to go that fast.   I had some complications after delivery including a second degree tear and a retained placenta, so I lost a lot of blood.  It took a few days to recover from the blood loss, but Ryann is now three months old and things are just perfect.

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