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Coming off BCP worry

Hi Ladies,

I've been off bcp for a month now (after 19 years).  I know that can wreek (sp?) havoc with your cycles, so I was expecting a little weirdness, but I've been spotting for 5 days straight.  I'm wondering how long is too long?   Have any of you experienced something similar when coming off bcp?


Re: Coming off BCP worry

  • I have not had any experience as I was taking the Nuvaring and not a pill.  What pill did you take?  I would think that you  are spotting bc the dosage was very high and now you are getting used to being  'normal'.
  • thanks ladies.  I reposted this over on the BOTB board and got a lot of helpful info.  I had been worried because I spotted for 7 days straight, but have finally stopped.  I wasn't sure if that was too long even for coming off the pill, but it sounds like it's not as a few girls spotted for weeks at a time, yikes!

    thanks again.

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  • My cycles were very irregular after coming off bcp (I was on it for 17 years). But it had been so long I really didn't remember what they were like before! But apparently I was ovulating since I got pregnant pretty quickly.
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