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Hyper IGM syndrome....

I am a carrier of a Hyper IGM Syndrome which means that my sons may have and suffer from the disease and my daughter my be carriers like me .

I have never met anyone other than my mother who was a carrier . But she didnt know in advance and i do , Im looking for anyone who does and has had children for advice or support. I am planning on having children , my husband and i have discussed it thoughly and we desperatly want children. I am currently waiting on a refferal to a genetic counselor .

Anyone out there? any advice, tips or just someone to talk to !

thanks ,

Re: Hyper IGM syndrome....

  • I know this is very old post but I came across this in google. We have a hyper IGM child, and I would be happy to talk to you. We also have a Facebook group that has 20 more mothers and fathers of kids with Hyper IGM. You can find me on FB www.fb.com/akiva and I will add you to the Hyper IGM group. Best. Akiva
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