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New moms inTarzana/Woodland Hills area

Any new moms in the West Valley area? What is everybody doing in this hot weather? My baby girl is 1 month old and we're just looking for some friends in the neighborhood. Let us know!

Re: New moms inTarzana/Woodland Hills area

  • Well, we're not quite that close but I gave birth at West Hills Hospital. Where was your baby born? Thankfully the weather has cooled down some!
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  • I'm in West Hills....My boy is 4 months old...and I am looking for stuff to do as well...send me an email at [email protected] My name is Stephanie!
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  • Do any of you have an infant nursery to recommend? I have been searching, but my results are minimal.
  • Hey Mommy! We are not there yet but we will be moving there in November and are so excited. I will be anxious as well to meet some new friends. Especially because none of my friends have children. Maybe we can meet up over a non-coffee. What's your email?



  • hi,

    here i am replying almost a month later. my baby was born in Tarzana hospital which is now called The Providence. really nice.

    Yeah it seems to be cooler although today it seems hot again.  How old is your little one?

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