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Im getting ready to start my 4 week old on Bottles w/ BM in them. What typeof bottles would you recommend drop ins or regular?

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  • We've only given bottles a couple of times so far, but he hasn't had a problem with the Born Free bottles. We have soem Dr. Brown as back up. I've had a lot of friends swear by those too.
  • i know this is a month later than you posted, but i LOVE the drop ins. they deflate just like the boob does, and you can squeeze all the air out so baby doesnt get gassy. i have tried all sorts of bottles, and this works the absolute best! personally, i hate dr browns. they leak alot and ive always preferred the wide mouth nipple as opposed to the standard. dr browns seems so uninviting

    hope you found some you like!

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  • I know this is late but we started with Born Free and switched to Playtex Drop-Ins at 6 months...I wish we would have used the drop-ins from the get-go, they are great.
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