Got the best compliment Saturday

Saturday DH, E, and I went to a gtg at a friend's place. I was talking to a couple other moms about E's birth and the c/s. She asked why I had the scheduled c/s and I explained that my first pregnancy ended in an emergency c/s. She asked how old that child was and I told her 8 at the end of the month and then she asked where she was and if it was an adoption. I told her yes it was and her next statement just amazed me. She said, "Oh that is wonderful! You are truly a great person to do that." A complete stranger saying that to me meant more than a close friend. The woman did not even know my story or the reasons why. If I had not been in public and holding E, I would have cried. We continued to talk and I did tell her some of the story and reasons. She seemed very interested and always genuine to listen and learn from my story.

Anyway, I just thought you ladies would like to know that even the smallest comment can make someone feel good.

Re: Got the best compliment Saturday

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