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1st Trimester

Who here got a BFN and then a BFP?

And how many days later?

Just curious :)

Re: Who here got a BFN and then a BFP?

  • BFN @9dpo... Iffy second line at 10dpo, real BFP at 12dpo...
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  • Me! Wednesday was BFN, Thursday was faint BFP (okay 6 faint BFPs with EPT and First Response, one BFN with a digital), Doctor confirmed BFP on Friday (I have no idea what DPO I was as we were not charting).

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    BFP#2:7/22/11 EDD:4/2/12 M/C:7/24/11
    BFP#3: 8/16/11 EDD: 4/29/12 Born: 4/10/12
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  • me! BFN at 8 and 9 dpo, BFP at 11 dpo
  • With DS I got my BFP at 17dpo, the test was positive right away, no question. This time around I tested the day I was suppose to get my period and for the next 3 days. All 4 tests were neg at first but changed around the 10 min mark. I disregarded them as neg since it took so long. Ended up in the ER for something unrelated and they did a test.. BFP.

  • BFN on a Wednesday and BFP with faint line on one and BFP on a digital that Sunday.  I have no idea what DPO I was we weren't keeping track.  Now, I know I was about three weeks then because I just had an ultrasound confirming how far along I am. 

  • One day. bfn on cd33 (didn't think i had ovulated but felt bad symptoms for 2 wks,) bfp on cd34 (was going to go to the doctor that day if no bfp)

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  • No line at 10 DPO/ER; a super faint shadow of a line at 11 DPO/ER, and a positive beta on day 12!
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  • I did this time with about 5 days in between.
  • BFN on 12 dpo althought I thought I saw something. Very faint BFP on 13dpo plus 1 + digital (CBE) and 1 - digital (EPT).
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  • I got a negative four days before my period was due, then a positive the day I was due.  Blood tests confirmed the positive that same day.
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    Allison born September 2011

    M/C 8/09 6w5d

    Clomid/IUI 8/10

    M/C 10/10 8w2d
  • ME!!! I should note though, we weren't charting so I do not know how many DPO I was it was merely a guess based off past months so I can't really say if I was "late". AF was due on a Mon & it took 6 tests until the following Wed (a full week & 2 days later) to get a BFP. I think that was almost the longest week of my life!
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  • bfn around 9-10dpo (although I thought I maybe possibly saw a faint line), bfp the next day

    DD february 2010 | DS october 2011

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  • I don't get BFP's until I'm already a few days late.  With dd, we weren't trying, so I took a test the day that AF was late, and BFN...didn't really think anything further about it since it was BFN.  Three days later I took another test, another BFN.  Again, just figured my body was weird.  When I was 6 days late, I woke up with crazy heartburn, so I took another test, and BFP!  My understanding is that I o late, and that's why I get late BFP's!  Here's to hoping that you are the same!  Good luck!
  • BFN on Friday, BFP on Wednesday.
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  • ME! 

    BFN on Sunday, BFP on Wednesday

  • BFN at 11, 12 and 13 dpo.  BFP at 15 dpo.
  • I got a BFN one day and a BFP the next. I wasn't charting so I don't know how many DPO I was, but I was only 3 weeks and 2 days away from my LMP so apparently I ovulate early!
  • bfn at 9dpo - bfp at 11dpo
  • I got a BFN on a Thursday. Waited the weekend and POAS that Monday, VOILA, BFP!
  • I had 3 negative tests a few weeks ago, and last Monday (oct. 5) tested again and got a BFP.
  • BFN at 13 DPO, BFP at 15 DPO.
  • bfn 14dpo bfp 15dpo
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