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Jumperoo or no?

Do you let your LO use a jumperoo?  I've heard conflicting theories on if its bad for their legs/spine or not.  What are your thoughts?

Re: Jumperoo or no?

  • We never got one, just because he has like a million toys and I didn't see a need for another one.
  • yeah, he uses one. he loves it.
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  • Yes...was Cole's favorite toy...till he got to big :)
  • yes, he loves it!
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  • Yes, we have one and DD loves it.  She likes it better than the exersaucer.  I was told that she should not be in it for more than 15 minutes at a time.
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  • FWIW, my daughter has one and she loves it!  Then I've recently heard from several people about how bad they are and can cause damanage to their spine and legs and was worried I've done something bad!  Thanks for the responses. 
  • Yes we have one and our lo LOVES it. My pedi said they are ok unless you have them in there a lot. He said about 20min at a time is enough and not too many times a day. The same goes for a excersauser or anything that supports their hips.
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  • We have one, too, and DS loves it:



    According to the Children's Hospital of San Diego, "Baby
    jumpers...promote movement patterns that are not useful in normal
    development including tiptoe standing and fast uncontrolled movements.
    The exercise your baby gets does not promote the development of trunk
    and leg control or the balance needed for walking. Additionally, it
    may limit time your baby spends on his tummy developing the valuable
    skills for crawling." ("Frequently Asked Questions," Children's
    Hospital of San Diego: http://www.chsd.org/167.cfm )

    On the other hand, after an exhaustive search, I've found that other
    reliable sources (including The American Academy of Pediatrics
    website) remain silent on the subject of jumpers. One can assume,
    then, that they don't consider jumpers harmful--as long as they are
    used in moderation.

    (As an aside, I can tell you that my infant's physical therapist says
    that jumpers are fine as long as they aren't used for longer than 20
    minutes a day and the child shows no signs of toe-walking.)

    carrie ~ me-at-carrie.cc ~ 4/21/2007
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