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Still having brown spotting for 3 weeks straight!

3 weeks ago i had bright red bleeding and passed a clot. this is my 2nd pregnancy (1st pregnancy no bleeding at all and have a healthy 2 yr old girl).

i had gone to the hosp that night for fear of a miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and baby was ok. Went to dr the following monday to follow up and he said i still had a 99% chance of having this baby and not to worry. I also was having dark brown spotting as a result of the initial red bleeding i had. He said it was old blood and not to worry unless it was bright red again. Problem is...its been 3 weeks now and constant dark brown discharge every single day? why isnt is going away? Its making me very uncomfortable! Im so scared something will happen to my baby. I am 10 weeks today. 

Re: Still having brown spotting for 3 weeks straight!

  • Call your Dr is all I can offer for advice. Might be able to give you some sort of assurance that everything is all right!
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  • I agree, call your OB.  Maybe your hormone levels are causing a slow release of old endometrium...  Not sure.  I think as long as it isn't bright red blood, you should be fine.  GL!
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  • Definitely call your doctor. I've had spotting, bleeding, etc since week 6 though and everything's totally fine! They said basically my cervix is just extra-irritable so little things like having a bowel movement can be enough to piss it off.
  • Call your doctor!

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  • Try not to worry - same thing happened to me 3 times.  It sounds like you had a subchorionic hematoma.  The first time I had one, I spotted brown for abour 2.5 weeks.  It's super scary, I know, but my baby is developing fine.  I just had my 3rd episode of it, and thank God, I'm able to find baby's heartbeat on the doppler.  I have a Doc appointment this Tuesday, so I'll be asking my doctor when the bleeding will stop!  Dont worry and good luck!!!
  • Definitely call your OB. GL!
  • yeah I would call your dr also. ?Just let him know it's been bleeding for 3 weeks and see what he says. At least it will probably help with your stress with this situation. ?GL!
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  • I had brown spotting for almost 2 weeks, and saw my OB 4 times within those 2 weeks. I would call every day or every other day, so they would finally get me in. Mine started around 8 weeks and finally stopped right before I hit 11 weeks.

    They think mine is caused by a polyp on my cervix that keeps getting irritated. OB put us on a no sex rule until my appointment next Tuesday. He seems to think it's no big deal, I'm just a bleeder. We've heard the heartbeat twice and everything seems to be fine.

    It will make you feel better to call the doc, it may seem like you're calling for a stupid reason at times. But it's worth it for a piece of mind.

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  • I am going throught the exact same thing. I went for an u/s almost 2 weeks ago when they thought I was 6 weeks but just saw a sac measuring 5 weeks. They told me not to worry. Well I am still spotting brown everday and have called my ob at least 5 times since and all they keep telling me is if it is not bright red and a lot of blood wait till my next u/s. Thank God it is tomorrow. This is aweful waiting. I am sooooo depressed. All I keep thinking is there is a big problem. I have called out of work for the last 5 days. Any suggestions? Anyone gone through this that can help?
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