FU: First meeting

So, we met with our social worker yesterday and love her. She is so nice! She is laid back and super easy going, just a wonderful lady. She wants to do the home visit here in the next couple of weeks and have our home study written by the end of the month. OMG! I am so excited! It's starting to feel real. I feel like I could actually start buying baby soon. ;)

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Re: FU: First meeting

  • That sounds really good. I am happy for you and your DH. Are you adopting from the state or a private agency? My husband and I are talking about adoption but I don't know which is best.
  • We are using an agency out of Oregon. I couldn't tell ya which way is "best". I have met a couple of people who have adopted privately and it worked out great. I think you need to research both options and decide which is best for you. We met with four agencies and got in contact with one facilitator and decided to go with one of the agencies. What state are you in?
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  • I live in FL. Yeah I have to do my research. Thanks
  • Awesome! Keep the good news coming!
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  • Great news!! Good luck.
  • Glad it went so well!  How exciting!
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