Productive Saturday

We still own a condo in Atlanta, so we drove up last night to check in and run some errands (namely visit IKEA for some $9.99 VIVAN drapes you can't buy online and I've been wanting for our house here for awhile).

I'd also found a Peg Perego Aria double stroller barely used on Craigslist for a total steal in one of the suburbs, so we picked that up.  Then went to a humongous BRU (seriously, it makes our BRU look like a gas station it's so big) to check out their selection of car seats.  We'd originally picked the Graco Snugride, but when we tried them both out in the car at one time since we're going to have two babies now, we discovered it's a pretty tight fit.  So we went back to the drawing board and ended up with two other infant seats, that we liked the pattern better, lighter, like the handle/style, and they were cheaper!


I had a 15% off coupon, plus BRU Rewards $$, plus they gave us the "multiples" discount of 10% off each item if you buy two or more of the same the two car seats came out to the price of one Graco in the end!  Score!  We'd sold our original travel system, so the shopping trip basically paid for itself.  

We enjoyed the weekend away -- looking at schedules, other than our shower weekend in September, it was our last chance to get away together pre-baby!  For a last minute, quick overnight it was pretty fun.  

Re: Productive Saturday

  • Between the drapes, the stroller, and the carseats - it sounds like you made out really well!  That's wonderful that you got such great deals on everything.  It's great that you had a nice weekend away, too. :)
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  • Wow!! Sounds like a winner to me!!
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  • I am bursting just thinking about you buying baby things...for TWO babies no less!  Sounds like you had a great time.  I would LOVE to go away for the weekend (of course with the baby). 

  • It sounds like you had a very productive Saturday!  Isn't BRU fantastic.  We got the call about Ben the day after he was born, and we were taking him home from the next day.  We didn't have anything for a baby because that was my choice.  Newborns don't need much, but when we got back we had to go to BRU and buy some stuff.  My mom lives next door and she needed just about everything we did.  We had to buy 2 PNP, 2 car seat/strollers combos, 2 diaper bags, 2 bottle warmers, etc.  They were so sweet listening to our story and making us feel just like any other new mommy and daddy.  They gave us the multiples discount too.  I think that is so great of them and I advertise their generosity all the time.
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  • Andrea -- I'm already planning a family getaway next summer and I LOVE to think about it.  I may delusional and crazy to be planning a vacation with two babies in carseats, but I think it's going to be a blast!

    Amy that is amazing!  I really think they are wonderful and love how they will listen to our stories and let us stack coupons, Rewards, and discounts.  I've yet to have a back experience in one of their stores!

  • Congrats on your shopping trip.
  • yay for good deals!

    We are hitting up IKEA in a couple of weeks too. I can't wait. 

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