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Hi there!  I saw an your earlier post about using the Brazelton method for potty training your DD and how well it is going.  Sounds like your DD is doing fantastic!  I wanted to ask if the book you recommended has any information for "fixing" potty training issues or if its just for beginning potty training or a method you have to use from the start?

I potty trained my DS in March and he mostly does great, he also goes through spurts of just not wanting to take the time out to go to the potty.  He does not have full on accidents, but he will leak a little because he waits too long.  Sometimes he'll even keep waiting after he's leaked.  I can't figure out the best way to go about helping him past this issue and I would love some input and advice.   

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  • The book offers some suggestions but it's really not a step-by-step guide. For your situation, it says to offer reminders periodically if you noticed it's been a long time since he's gone to the bathroom. Periodically ask "Do you want to go the bathroom?" but don't ask constantly and if you sense that he doesn't like you asking, then don't ask at all. Accidents are a way for him to learn.

    Really, Brazelton's main point is what he calls "touchpoints," which are pivotal moments in a child's development. Each touchpoint is a growth in one area but a setback in another area. So your DS may be working on a new skill right now which is coming at the expense of his PT. The book also says if there's a major setback caused by a big disruption in his life (new baby, house, etc.) then you can offer to put him back in diapers and try PT again later - but it definitely doesn't sound like you're at that point.

    I have no advice because we've only been PT for a week, but whenever I notice DD doing the "potty dance" I ask her if she has to pee. If she's really involved in an activity and doesn't want to stop but clearly has to go (or if she's already dribbled in her pants), I just reassure her that we can continue her activity after she goes to the bathroom. But I'm sure you're already doing these things, so all I can say is good luck! Hopefully your DS will overcome his stumbling block and get back on track!

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and explain Brazelton's ideas to me!!  It sounds like from that perspective maybe I just need to keep doing what we're doing and hope he gets through this phase soon.  I guess sometimes its hard to remember what a huge milestone PT is for them and that its completely reasonable for it to take time and have setbacks along the way.  Plus, we're always hearing about these 3-day wonders here on the Nest that make me wonder if the approach I took (follow his lead, let him progress at his own pace) was the "right" way.  I think I just need to change my perspective and recognize that I chose a gradual approach and I can't expect immediate perfection.  I'm always second guessing though whether this is really him still learning or if he's being lazy about it.  But, I guess I'll never know for sure, so I'll hang in there!  Thanks again for your input!!
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